About Templed Hills Camp

Templed Hills Camp is an incredibly spiritual place, deep in the mountains of Paradise Valley between Livingston and Yellowstone National Park. We have been providing meaningful camping experiences for nearly 100 years, and remaining committed to the mission of helping campers of all ages further mature their faith. Templed Hills is a place of worship, community, learning, and outdoor recreation - a thin place between heaven and earth - where campers will encounter God and leave camp strengthened, encouraged, and transformed.


  • To provide a setting for developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth through Bible-based teaching.

  • To provide Christian fellowship and fun in a rustic outdoor atmosphere.

Templed Hills is located in the Gallatin National Forest along Mill Creek in the Absaroka Mountains between Livingston, Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

For directions to the camp, Click Here.

What to Bring:

Pillow | Sleeping Bag | Towels & Washcloths | Hiking Shoes | Sport Shoes | Warm Jacket | Sweatshirt, shirts, jeans, long shorts, extra socks | a friend! | Toiletries | Camera | Swimsuit (modest) | Pen and Notebook | Bible | Flashlight | Laundry Bag | Spending Money for Canteen (which includes snacks, drinks, ice cream, treats, clothing, batteries, etc…)
*No short shorts, excessively hole-y jeans, or spaghetti straps. Please dress modestly.

*Campers can arrive anytime after 2pm on the first day. They should be picked up by 11am at the latest on the last day of camp.

Camp Scholarships

We want all youth to have the opportunity to go to camp, and we try to keep costs low to make this possible. Scholarships are often available for families who can’t afford registration fees for their child to attend camp. Call your church office of the camp office at 406-333-4695 or Summer Gappa at 406-697-4504 for more information. Please submit scholarship requests before June 1.

*Templed Hills operates under a Special Use Permit of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.